Standing Out From The Crowd Of Twitter Updates

Standing Out From The Crowd Of Twitter Updates

Standing Out From The Crowd Of Twitter Updates

Twitter moves fast and there’s a lot of content scrolling through, usually fast. People don’t typically scroll through their feed to make sure they’re caught up, they just live in the moment when it comes to Twitter. You can ensure that your Tweets are seen and acted on if you follow these Twitter best practices.

Keep Tweets Short – Most of the time keeping your Tweets short works best. Twitter has rolled out some changes so that some people can use up to 280 characters. But Tweets are designed to be short. However, there is a trending choice to sent out a series of numbered Tweets to tell a story.

Add Visual Elements – People will be more likely to look at your Tweet if there is an image or other visual elements within the Tweet. When you use a good photo or a GIF, you’ll get more attention. You can be very creative with the images you use and even include text elements right on the image to provide even more information.

Use a Relevant Hashtag – A great way to get noticed on Twitter is through using hashtags. You can use your own, but you can also strategically use trending hashtags to get in on the discussion and get noticed.

Conduct Polls – A good way to get some attention on Twitter is to conduct a poll. Make the answers short and sweet and give the poll a few days to resolve. When you get the results in, retweet the results.

Retweet Relevant Content – When you see relevant content on your feed, especially from movers and shakers within your niche, retweet with an additional comment to add to the discussion. That is a good way to get known by the influencers.

Reply to Tweets – You can retweet but it’s also a great thing to reply to Tweets with information that people want to know. If someone asks a question or presents something that you have the solution to, give them the answer freely.

Reply to Direct Tweets – When someone sends you a direct Tweet, pay close attention and always reply. When you don’t reply it makes you look like a bot instead of a human. People trust information from humans more than they do from bots or corporations.

Tweet Several Times a Day – While you can technically scroll through you Twitter to find posts from hours ago most people don’t use Twitter that way. Therefore, it’s important to share an update more than once, and in fact, several times during a day to ensure that more people see your Tweet.

Create Twitter Lists – To create a Twitter list you need to do this on your profile. Just click your profile, then click Lists, then create a new list. It’s easy to do and you can make a list of industry news, movers and shakers and anything else you don’t want to miss.

You can stand out from the crowd on Twitter also by being consistent in your messaging ensuring that you don’t go outside of your niche even when it’s tempting. When people trust you to give them the type of information they signed up to get they’re going to engage more and thus convert at a higher rate.


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