Social Media Management Platforms Compared

Social Media Management Platforms Compared
Social Media Management Platforms Compared
Social Media Management Platforms Compared
Social Media Management Platforms Compared

Managing social media can become a full-time job if you try to do it without any sort of social media management tools. There are many options to choose from as well as many price ranges to choose from.
This social media management platform allows you to manage numerous social media accounts all in one dashboard. You can engage with your audience easier, as well as get amazing analytics plus of course topnotch security.
Price: Starts at $19.00 a month.
Features: Analytics, security, listening, engagement, scheduling, collaboration, listening.
With this tool, you can see the latest content from your feed, see how the content is rated, and how often it’s been viewed, plus you can organize different streams based on the content and information you want to view at one time.
Price: Starts at $11.00 a month.
Features: Finds content for you, add any social network to your account, rates content, publish on a schedule and multiple times if needed.

Meet Edgar
An awesome feature about Meet Edgar is that it will automatically recycle social media updates so that you don’t have to. Set it up once and then you can forget about it saving you loads of time and ensuring that you get the most out of every piece of content that you publish.
Price: Starts at $49 a month.
Features: Extreme automation, recycles content, re-shares evergreen content, shuffle, start, stop features. Unlimited content library. Schedule by category. Works with Twitter, Facebook, and
This is a social media management tool created for agencies. It allows you to manage multiple social media platforms for multiple people so that you can schedule messages, engage more, and increase traffic and ROI easier.
Price: Starts at $49.00 per month.
Features: Dashboard, publishing, collaboration, analytics, CRM, listening, and mobile options.
Billed as a social media platform manager for agencies and social media professionals to save time. They offer numerous options allowing you to work with teams, schedule in bulk, (up to 500 posts) and 200 social media profiles.
Price: Starts at $10 a month.
Features: Up to 500 posts, 200 social profiles, bulk messaging, teams, collaboration, branding, custom short URLs, analytics, scheduling calendar, client management, content suggestions, feeds and more.
A budget-friendly, simple solution for managing social media. You can work individually or in large teams. Monitor your social media buzz so that you can increase engagement, get more traffic, and improve your return on investment.
Price: Starts at $49 a month.
Features: Engage, listen, publish, collaborate, audience relationship building, analytics.
Integrates with LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google to help you use data to make good decisions about the type of content you want to share with your audience on various platforms.
Price: Starts at $99.00 a month.
Features: Analytics, engagement, publishing, collaboration, automation, customer relationship management, monitoring, listening, mobile.
Save time with this social media management app that works with all the major social media networks and more. You can schedule updates, find the right people to follow, monitor buzz, and listen to your audience.
Price: Starts with a free account that is very limited in features, if you want all the features you must upgrade to the pro plan for $17.97 a month.
Features: Schedule, track keywords, save drafts, URL shortening, view @mentions, purge your DM box, secure access, follow back features, find quality people, keyword searches, unlimited Facebook accounts, and so much more.
You can schedule posts, track performance, and manage every account you have in just one spot. It works for individuals, agencies, and teams. It automates the timing of sharing and includes options for several networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
Price: Starts with Free
Features: Schedule posts, one dashboard, build your following, browser extensions, android app, track engagement, get analytics, see trends and more.
This option gives teams a way to market their businesses with automation, amazing reports, and more. It works for individuals or teams and is mobile ready.
Price: Starts at $19 a month
Features: Visual calendar, downloadable reports, team collaboration, post-approval for admins, social post scheduling, projects, Instagram scheduling, Pinterest Scheduling, posting with CVS files, organized social feed, alerts and more.

Many of these applications have free versions or free trials. It can help to write down the types of features you want in a social media management tool and figure out a budget based on what you think your return on investment might reasonably be. Using these types of tools can, once everything is set up, save a lot of time. How much is your time worth?


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