Converting Social Media Traffic to Loyal Paying Customers

Converting Social Media Traffic to Loyal Paying Customers

Converting Social Media Traffic to Loyal Paying Customers


When it comes to conversions what is counted as a conversion depends on what your goals were when you started the campaign. This means that whatever goals you set when you started using social media marketing to get more traffic needs to be specific and measurable. That means they have to have a number attached. That’s the only way to really measure something. For example, “I want to increase traffic by 50% in six weeks by posting daily on Facebook.”

Here are some conversions you might look for:
Likes – When you share something is it getting any type of engagement such as like’s? If not, why not? Is anyone seeing the content? If they’re not seeing it, what can you do to ensure that they do see it? Did you use the right keywords within the content? Do you need to boost the post to get it in front of more eyes?

Shares – When someone likes what you say they will often also share it. Even if they don’t like it, and instead it makes them angry, they’re likely to share it with their friends. When people shared it, did this translate into more engagement?

Clickthrough’s – Your main goal, of course, is more traffic, so that’s your focus. When people are clicking through what is happening? Are they then going to that new page and converting there? If not, why not? If they are, are you happy with the conversion rate?

Comments – What type of comments are people making, are they asking questions, are they being helpful or rude? This is important because it can give you a clue if you’ve targeted your audience right. If you make a lot of them angry, you may have not thought it through enough.

Sales – Naturally, everything does come down to sales. If you’re getting more traffic, is it translating to more sales? You don’t want to get so hung up on the social engagement numbers if you’re not also getting more sales from your efforts.

Website Traffic – If you’re getting more traffic but not making more sales you’ll need to evaluate why. If you are getting more traffic that is right (assuming your website is set up right) you should be getting more email subscribers and more sales.

At the end of the day, you want to get more traffic so that you make more sales. Sure, you also want to build your list, but it really does boil down to sales. If you’re getting more traffic but not more sales, you’ll need to dive into the numbers to try to figure out why.

If you’re getting lots of clicks and no sales that means that likely your messaging is off. The people on social media like the message enough to click through to check out your landing page to see how it can be tweaked.


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